A new era has come: the time of AI assistants in business
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March 23, 2023

A new era has come: the time of AI assistants in business

I had a regular task to design an avatar for a Telegram chat. Usually, I ask our cool designer Tema to draw it. He usually needs a couple of rough drafts to fully understand the task's context and provide what is needed. This takes about two iterations lasting 1-2 days.

This time, I decided to test how the task would be solved using Dalle, a neural network that can generate an image from a textual description. Dalle coped pretty quickly, and the result is amazing. The business result is also amazing: Tema was not distracted by a routine task and solved his own need.

But the most interesting thing here is that the machine helped to solve a "creative" task. The first warning sign for creative professions that AI is starting to encroach on their bread. Taxi drivers, cashiers, security guards, operators, and locomotive engineers will definitely not be affected; that is already clear. But if AI learns to solve the functions of creatives, then only the creators of these AI systems will be in demand, i.e., large digital corporations with a budget for expensive clusters for hosting and training new neural networks.

Neural networks are starting to solve ordinary business tasks, so a new trend is coming soon. The previous AI trend died down somewhere in 2020. Besides, the fintech theme (including crypto) is entering the Gartner Hype Cycle's disillusionment phase, thanks to macroeconomics. The free slots in newspapers and conferences will have to be replaced with something trendy. Hello, new wave of AI fashion.

By the way, in the distant 2020, we created an AI assistant for finding people with similar interests. In general, the topic is cool and always fun to work with, but the infrastructure wasn't ready yet. Now there is already infrastructure, and it's quite cheap. So if you have any ideas - welcome.

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