5 Habits to Be Productive
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March 23, 2023

5 Habits to Be Productive

The coolest thing is feeling productive and efficient. It gives you energy, which can be converted back into productivity and effectiveness. It creates a sort of spiral that you can use to rise up like a balloon and reach new levels. Once you're there, you can solidify and look for ways to build a new spiral and move forward.

Here are my 5 default but very useful tools for productivity. These tools work for everyone, whether you're a homemaker, top manager, market trader, sales manager, venture capitalist, logistician, or physical education teacher. The tools are the same for everyone, only the niches differ. But the principles are the same everywhere.

1. Have a notebook for writing down tasks and to-do lists for the week and day. On Monday, write down big tasks for the week, and every day, write down tasks for the day, literally 4-5 tasks.

Writing tasks by hand on paper works like a technology: the notebook is like an IDE for developers, and writing by hand is like writing code. Only this code doesn't program microcontrollers or web interfaces, but rather directly programs your subconscious, engraving the thesis of the tasks directly on the surface of your mind. After this, tasks seem to get done on their own without having to put in any effort or control the process.

2. Mindmap or intelligence map. We first write down all plans, projects, ideas, and strategies on the mindmap in the form of a tree structure. Then each tree can be taken and written down in the weekly notebook.

Mindmaps are the most powerful tool for any manager, whether it's a project manager, top manager, or just a manager of their own life. After all, we are first and foremost managers of our own lives ☺️

3. Telegram saved messages.

We write down all ideas and quick thoughts that come to mind during the day in a quick access window on our smartphone - for me, it's Telegram saved messages. Then we can reread and retrieve ideas and move them to the weekly notebook or mindmap.

4. Financial accounting.

Any Excel table that shows monthly income and expenses. It's important to monitor the balance and its dynamics.

5. Keep a diary of achievements for the week, month, and year.

We combine the top weekly achievements into a collection for the month. We combine the top monthly achievements into a collection for the year. After completing one cycle of collections, the brain will see the result - a list of real achievements. After that, there will be much less laziness in this routine process. By the way, if you know of any useful apps for recording achievements, not just habits, please write them in the comments to the post.

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